People desiring to have a peeler for their kitchen but don’t know how to use a vegetable peeler. Do you want to save time? Then think about buying a vegetable peeler. This simple kitchen tool can change the way you think about cooking. It saves time and is easy to use for people who do not like cooking or are not good at it.

This article will show you how to use a vegetable peeler. It is very easy and simple so that anyone can use it! 

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What is a vegetable peeler

A vegetable peeler is a tool for peeling vegetables. It can make it easier to do, and there’s no need for a knife. Without making a mess, the blade removes the outer layer of vegetables. You might also be able to use it on carrots, potatoes, ginger roots – even turnips!

The perfect tool for this job is your trusty old-fashioned kitchen utensil, the humble plate scraper or what some people call it, a “vegetable” peeler! There are two main types of vegetable peelers. 

  1. Straight Blade Peeler
  2. Y- Peeler
What is a vegetable peeler

Straight Blade Peeler

The blades on a straight blade peeler will remove any skin from vegetables, including knobbly root cloves.

Y- Peeler

 Y-Peeler has two blades that work opposite directions when peeled over a firm fruit or vegetable to cut away stubborn parts like pith or core and make a refreshing clean crosshatch pattern. 

 How to use a vegetable peeler

  1. Gently press on the peeler and move it down to the skin of the vegetable or fruit. Slowly take off the skin so you don’t scratch your fingers.
  2. Peelers are a tool that you can use to peel off the skin of root vegetables. You can also use them to cut strips for shoestring fries and julienne carrots.
  3. Remove the skin from your vegetable. Put pressure on the skin, so it comes off. You need to put more pressure if the vegetable has thicker skin.
  4. When you peel sweet potatoes, hard cheese, or cucumbers, the peeler can make thin slices.
  5. If the vegetable has been peeled, you need to wash it with water. Do not put the peeler in the dishwasher.
  6. In addition, You should dry the blade after you use it. This will prevent rust from starting to build up.

Techniques of using a vegetable peeler

Techniques of using a vegetable peeler

There are many ways to use a vegetable peeler. One of the most common is peeling cucumbers, carrots, and other long vegetables that you would otherwise have to cut into small sections to chop them. 

Another popular way is for dicing potatoes with their skin on – it’s often preferable because the potato skin helps keep the pieces from sticking together when cooking and makes whatever dish you’re making more visually appealing. 

A third technique is making thin strips of apples such as those used in apple pie or salads. Peeling carrots provides a great way to add products into your diet without adding any added sugar, making them perfect snack-sized accompaniments to drinks, meals, or desserts.

Advantages of using a vegetable peeler

  • Peeler can be removed and reattached easily.
  • Fruits and vegetables are simple to peel.
  • The blades are replaceable and can be removed.
  • It comes with a long handle. You won’t get hurt this way.
  • The blades’ surface is not slick, so your hands are clean.

Some useful tips on how to use a vegetable peeler

  • For right-handed people, hold the vegetable with your left hand while holding the manual peeler with your right hand. For left-handed people, alternate the whole operation.
  • Slant the peeler’s blade so that one of its blades pushes into the coating of fruit and directs it while the other blade cuts it. 
  • To avoid cutting your fingers, always push away from your body as you start operating.
  • Moreover, hold on to your vegetable firmly to avoid accidental cuts by turning them at different angles for shorter peeling times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  What is the proper way to use a straight vegetable peeler?

Answer 1: Load your peelable food on the straight peeler. Place it under the blade and push it back. Apply slight pressure to break apart stubborn items such as garlic cloves and ginger pieces. Keep in mind that you should be using a gentle touch, but some force is necessary. Hold the food with your hands. Then cut it across the blades. You might also want to occasionally remove wet foods from this grip during cutting for a better angle.

Question 2:  When using a vegetable peeler, how do you hold it?

Answer 2: I hold the vegetable peeler in my dominant hand and use it to take thin slices off of a large piece of fruit or vegetable with my non-dominant hand. Use it from one side of the object, then turn it over and use it from the other side. This way, you get around all sides evenly. Unless cutting something like an avocado – just cut lengthwise for an optimal experience!