It is crucial to know how to clean glassware and remove stains properly if you want to keep your kitchen free of cross-contamination and maintain family reputation. When you offer drinks to your guests, they engage with your glassware even before picking up a fork and knife. Given the importance of glassware, it is essential to keep them clean at all times. Dirty glasses are unappealing to guests and can even damage your image if not adequately cleaned.

However, caring for glassware is not as easy as it seems. Since glassware is a delicate object, it is equally important to understand how to avoid breaks, treat cleanly, and store glassware properly.

Clean glassware

How to clean glassware

Even during your regular glass cleaning routine, you must take precautions to secure your glassware by using the proper techniques for killing germs and preventing stains.

  1. Wash glasses manually to keep them damage-free. Wine glass sets are best washed by hand, especially if they are made of real crystal.
  2. Technique counts for a great deal to remove regular stains from the glass while cleaning it. To remove everyday grease from glass, wash it with warm water and a small quantity of dishwashing liquid. Rinse immediately and set the edge on a clean hand towel to air dry. If you must immediately wipe your glasses dry, use a lint-free cloth, such as a microfibre or glass cleaning cloth.

Remove glassware stains

How to clean glassware stains

You can remove difficult spots and organic stains (such as coffee and wine stains) from your glasses in the same manner. Many household items, such as baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar, are effective on glassware.

The following instructions describe how to clean cloudy glass and organically stained glass: 

  1. To clean strain areas individually, use baking soda and a paper towel, such as an old toothbrush. 
  2. For foggy or dull glasses, make a solution of white vinegar and distilled water. Allow for at least 12 hours of soak time before air drying. 
  3. Alternatively, use a paper towel to wipe each piece down with a few teaspoons of vinegar or glass cleaner, then wash them as usual. 

Remove sticky glass labels, stubborn stain from glassware

Remove sticky glass labels, stubborn stain from glassware

Factory glasses, as well as reused bottles and jars, sometimes come with a difficult-to-remove sticker. Typically, a household remedy is to add an oil or alcohol-based substance – such as vegetable oil or nail polish remover. Particularly for stubborn contaminants, there is also a variety of specialist glue and label removers available.

  1. To begin, put the jar or glass in hot water until it cools. If you used water-based glue to adhere to the sticker, it could easily peel off at this stage. If not, spray a cloth with a small amount of your preferred removal agent. Make sure that part of the label has absorbed some of the liquid before pressing it over it.
  2. Submerge the glass in a vinegar mixture or cooking oil overnight to remove stubborn stains. Then, wipe it off with a specialist glass cleaner. You should use dishwashing detergent to clean and dry the glasses.

To sum up, you can remove stubborn stains, stickers, and fogginess from your glassware by following the guide.